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As we enter the New Year, it’s a great time for homeowners to reflect on their habits and set resolutions to continue maintaining a smoothly functioning plumbing system. We all want to avoid unexpected issues like high water bills or a malfunctioning water heater throughout the year. By taking a few simple steps, such as fixing leaks promptly and being careful with your garbage disposal, you can ensure the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system. At Huber Heights Plumbing & Drain, we’re here to help you with eight practical ways to improve your plumbing practices. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let us share these helpful tips with you. 

  1. Water Bill- Monitoring your water bill regularly is a proactive way to identify potential plumbing issues. If you notice a sudden increase in water consumption without any changes in your household, it could indicate a leak or other problem. By keeping track of your water bill, you can quickly identify and address these issues before they become costly and disruptive. 
  1. Leaks- To start the year off strong, it’s important to take care of any leaks you may have. Ignoring leaks can lead to water wastage and indicate underlying plumbing issues. Remember, even small plumbing problems can become bigger issues if left unchecked. Keep an eye out for leaks around sinks, outdoor fixtures, appliances, and toilet bases. This also applies to constantly running toilets. If you’re dealing with this, prioritize addressing the issue promptly. 
  1. Toilets- If you’ve noticed that your toilets are constantly running, it’s important to pay attention to this issue. A running toilet can be considered a type of leak. Additionally, be aware of any worn-out components in your toilet. Moreover, should you find any parts that are worn down and need replacement, it’s recommended to have them replaced promptly to maintain efficiency. 
  1. Drain Cleaners- In addition, it’s important to note that most store-bought drain cleaners contain highly toxic chemicals. These substances can pose risks to the health and safety of both children and adults, and they can also cause damage to your pipes. Regardless of the material your pipes are made of, household drain cleaners available in stores, which claim to dissolve clogs, can also harm your pipes. To be a responsible homeowner, it is advisable to avoid using these cleaners and clog removers at all costs and instead seek assistance from a professional plumbing company like Huber Heights Plumbing & Drain
  1. Drain Screens- To avoid clogs in your sink and shower drains, try using drain screens. These affordable devices effectively catch hair, food particles, and other debris, preventing buildup that causes frustrating blockages. Also, remember to clean the drain screens regularly to prevent unpleasant odors and keep your drains flowing smoothly. 
  1. Water Heater- Your water heater should be flushed and drained at least once a year to remove sediment buildup. This practice improves efficiency and extends the lifespan of your water heater. Also, remember to check and adjust the temperature setting frequently. Setting the temperature too high can cause scalding, while setting it too low may not provide enough hot water. Finding the right balance will save you money on energy bills and ensure the optimal functionality of your water heater. 
  1. Garbage Disposal- To prevent clogs and system damage, it’s important to dispose of food scraps properly. Avoid throwing away hard materials like bones, fruit pits, and fibrous foods such as celery or banana peels. Instead, consider composting or using a compost bin. This responsible approach maintains system integrity and promotes a cleaner environment. 
  1. Plumbing Maintenance- Just like regular check-ups with a doctor, it’s important to maintain our plumbing systems. Get a professional plumbing inspection at least once a year to proactively address any issues before they become big and expensive problems. Inspections also help identify areas where water or energy may be wasted so you can implement efficient and cost-effective solutions. Investing in routine plumbing inspections ensures the long-term health and functionality of your plumbing system. 

To ensure your plumbing system lasts longer and functions optimally, incorporate these eight habits into your routine. Prioritize preventive maintenance and mindful usage for a healthy plumbing system. Start the New Year by committing to these simple yet effective resolutions and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained plumbing system. Here’s to a successful year ahead with fewer plumbing issues! Cheers to cultivating better plumbing habits in 2024! 

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