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The sun is beginning to rise earlier, and the days are growing warmer – two unmistakable signs that spring is making its presence known soon! As this new season quickly approaches, it’s time now to get your plumbing system prepared for any seasonal changes. So, take advantage of these helpful tips from your Huber Heights Plumbing & Drain specialists so you can have your home ready in no time! With a little bit of effort on your part, you’ll be able to greet spring with confidence, knowing that your plumbing system is set up to run smoothly. 


  1. INSPECT YOUR FAUCETS & SINK: Each season, be sure to inspect your sink and faucets with special attention, as these fixtures get used frequently. Even the slightest of leaks can go unnoticed over time, so it’s important that you double-check for any signs of deterioration or moisture. Furthermore, it is a good idea to peek beneath the sink, too, in order to guarantee that all pipes and connections are clear from rusting; ensuring they continue functioning optimally during the upcoming season! 
  1. INSPECT YOUR TOILETS: Leaky toilets can be quite sneaky and, if neglected, may prove to be costly over time. Be vigilant for water build-up or a continually running toilet. These are all signs of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Don’t let your hard-earned money go down the drain; take action now and repair any leaks quickly before they cost you more down the road! 
  1. INSPECT YOUR OUTDOOR FAUCETS: After lying dormant for the winter, you must inspect all of your outdoor faucets before resuming their seasonal use. When you turn them on, expect to hear some popping or spurting noises followed by a rush of water; this is natural and typical. Give it a moment – when water starts running steadily, shut off the valve and wait to confirm there are possible leaks or dripping that may occur afterward.  
  1. INSPECT YOUR WATER HOSES: If you want to ensure that your water hoses are in optimal condition for the upcoming season, it is essential that you inspect them closely for any signs of wear and tear or cracks. Any areas with compromised functionality should be replaced before reattaching them to outdoor fixtures for the season. Doing so will guarantee an efficient performance throughout the whole season.   
  1. INSPECT YOUR SUMP PUMP: ‘Tis the season of spring cleaning, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure your home’s sump pump is thoroughly clean as well! Don’t know how? Check out your owner’s manual, or get in touch with us for our top-notch plumbing services. Cleaning your sump pump every three to four months will ensure its proper functioning throughout the year. 
  1. INSPECT YOUR MAIN WATER VALVE: As a preventive measure, it is wise to check your main water valve. If you can’t remember the last time it was turned off/on, take a few moments now to rotate the valve clockwise until completely closed off. Next, wait a minute and then rotate the valve counterclockwise to close it. If you find it hard to operate your main water shutoff, now might be the time for an upgrade. After all, in case of emergencies, you need assurance that this fixture can be turned off or on with minimal difficulty. 

As the season changes, don’t forget to employ these spring-centric plumbing tips to ensure your plumbing is running smoothly. Not only will it make transitioning into this new time of year easier on you, but your pipes and fixtures will thank you for being so mindful. And if something unexpected pops up – no worries! We’re just a phone call away and ready to help when you need us! So, call Huber Heights Plumbing & Drain today at (937) 764-3381, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!