Homeowner’s maintenance lists are undoubtedly never-ending. It’s fall currently, but don’t blink; winter will be here before you know it! Fall is a glorious season full of hope, new beginnings, and a ton of fall festivities you and your loved ones can enjoy, but amidst all the fall fun, don’t forget to optimize this time of ideal weather conditions so you can proactively work to guarantee that your plumbing will continue running correctly throughout the colder winter. Here are some points from your Huber Heights Plumbing & Drain experts as you comb through our fall plumbing maintenance checklist. 


  1. Faucets: Checklist Item Number One 

The first thing to address is your faucets. Are there any drips or leaks that need to be taken care of? More often than not, faucet drips or minor leaks are left unchecked as many homeowners deem it to be a minor issue. And while this may very well be the case, it’s important to understand that minor issues can evolve into larger and more chaotic problems later on – especially in the middle of winter. That is why preventative maintenance is essential! So, if you have a dripping faucet or two, be sure to take care of it now before temperatures get too cold. 

  1. Pipes: Checklist Item Number Two 

Keep your exposed pipes from freezing and bursting in the winter by encasing them with pipe insulation. Pipe insulation kits can be bought at any home improvement store. If you have exposed pipes located in an open area of your house (such as a basement or garage), they will be especially vulnerable. Therefore, you should take action before temperatures turn frigid and wrap them in pipe insulation to guarantee your plumbing is protected against freezing temperatures. The last thing you want to deal with during the holiday season is a burst pipe. 

  1. Water Heater: Checklist Item Number Three  

Water heaters tend to work even harder in the wintertime. It is recommended homeowners get their water heaters serviced at the minimum once yearly. Thus, if your water heater has yet to be serviced this year, don’t delay in calling to have an appointment scheduled. Once you have your appointment booked, a plumber will perform a thorough inspection of your water heater to confirm everything is in good working order for the upcoming winter.  

  1. Sump Pump: Checklist Item Number Four 

Sump pumps play a huge role in your plumbing, making it necessary to inspect and clean them on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they are also prone to freezing during the winter, so it’s best to have your sump pump inspected and cleaned before the winter to avoid any disasters during the cold months. 

  1. Gutters: Checklist Item Number Five 

Next, consider your gutters! They are magnets for leaves and outdoor debris in the fall. Fall foliage is in abundance right now. So, they can easily build up in your gutters, creating a dam-like obstruction! However, although they are rather quaint to look at, they are not-so-quaint when they build up as unsightly piles of sludge in your gutters. Additionally, if leaves and other outdoor particles accumulate inside gutters, they will cause overflow and emits nasty odors. As a result, we strongly advise getting your gutters cleaned at least once in the fall. 

  1. Garden Hose: Checklist Item Number Six  

We can’t forget the garden hoses! They often get neglected when homeowners are storing up their previously used lawn tools for winter. But if a hose is left outdoors in colder temperatures, the water inside may freeze and expand, causing plumbing problems since it will remain attached to outdoor fixtures and faucets. In return, something as simple as forgetting to properly store your garden hose can result in an unwelcome plumbing catastrophe. 

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