The kitchen is where you prepare your food and wash your cooking utensils and dinnerware. As such, this area of your home must always have clean water and a functioning drainage system. Unfortunately, kitchen plumbing issues are common. Even so, you will be able to notice the problem right away, especially if you’re always using your kitchen.

At Huber Heights Plumbing & Drain, we believe that a functioning kitchen is essential to your daily life. For this reason, our professional plumbers have listed the common plumbing issues in your kitchen and some ways to fix them. Keep in mind that most plumbing problems require an expert plumber so that the issue will be repaired before it turns into a serious matter.  

Do You Have a Leaky Faucet?

A leaky faucet can occur due to various reasons. For instance, the problem may be due to a damaged O-ring if the leak is at the base of the faucet. If this is the case, you can fix it by replacing the O-ring.

Another possible reason you’re experiencing a leaky faucet is because of a worn-out washer. Usually, a washer will wear out due to the friction between the valve seat and the washer. A solution for this plumbing problem is to replace the washer.

Aside from those causes, a leaky faucet may also be due to broken parts or a corroded valve seat. In this case, you have to call a plumber nearby to fix the problem.


Is Your Kitchen Sink Clogged?

One of the most common plumbing issues in your kitchen is a clogged sink. Usually, this problem occurs due to the buildup of grease and soap scum.

There are several ways to unclog a kitchen sink. Typically, pouring hot water into the drain can remove the buildup. You can also use a solution with vinegar and baking soda. Remember, this solution acts like commercial drain cleaners without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals.

In some situations, the clog may be located down the pipe. If this is the case, you will need the help of an expert plumber to determine the location of the clog. From there, he can recommend a suitable solution to the problem. Most of the time, a drain snake is enough to clear the obstruction in your pipes.  


Are You Struggling With Weak Water Pressure?

Another common plumbing concern by most homeowners is weak water pressure. If the problem only occurs in your kitchen, the aerator is probably clogged. As you know, water may deposit minerals that may accumulate in the aerator. The best solution for this problem is to clean the aerator by using a wire brush. 

If the weak water pressure is happening throughout your home, you can check the water shut-off valve or pressure-regulating valve if it is open. 

Another possible reason for weak water pressure is a leak in your plumbing system. If this is the case, you should call a plumber nearby to find the leak. At Huber Heights Plumbing & Drain, our professional plumbers have the skills and experience to fix any leaks in your plumbing system. Plus, we can offer the best solution to solve your problem immediately. 


What Are You Putting In Your Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal unit is an amazing device; however, it is not designed to handle some materials, like bones, kernels, and greases. If the motor is not working, you can press the reset button. Usually, it only needs to be reset to get it running again. If your garbage disposal is jammed because something is stuck on its blades, you should never put your hand in it. It is best to let an expert plumber fix the problem.

Aside from a jammed garbage disposal, you should also check the area under your sink for any signs of leaks. Typically, a leak is a sign that your garbage disposal is either cracked or damaged. If this is the case, you should call a plumber nearby to repair the device.


Is Your Refrigerator or Dishwasher Leaking?

A leaking dishwasher or refrigerator is a frustrating problem experienced by many homeowners. Sometimes, the cause of the leak is a damaged hose connection. Another probable reason is that the appliance has a faulty part. Either way, an expert plumber can fix a leaking dishwasher or refrigerator if the cause is related to plumbing.

On some occasions, a leaking dishwasher or refrigerator is due to a malfunctioning device. As such, your plumber won’t be able to repair it, but he can recommend a qualified person instead. Regardless of the cause, you still have to call a plumber nearby if you’re experiencing a leak. He can identify the source of the leak and provide the best solution to your problem.


Does Your Water Heater Leak or Have Any Damages?

If your faucet is not releasing warm or hot water, your water heater may be broken. In most cases, an expert plumber can fix a broken water heater by replacing the damaged part or resetting the device.

Flushing your water heater can also help clear the sediment buildup. Our professional plumbers recommend that you flush your water heater every six months. However, if you have hard water, it is best to do it more often. Remember, a sediment buildup may lead to a serious problem if ignored.


What Do You Do If You Come Face to Face With These Problems?

A functioning kitchen is essential to your daily life. As such, you have to make sure that any plumbing issues should be repaired immediately. As presented, you can fix some minor problems. However, you need to call a plumber nearby if you’re dealing with a complicated issue. Remember, a minor plumbing issue can turn into a disaster if neglected.  

For any inquiries about the plumbing issues in your kitchen, you can contact Huber Heights Plumbing & Drain at (937) 764-3381. You can also ask our professional plumbers online by clicking here!